INVESTING IN Binary Options
Invest in trading binary options and enjoy all the advantages one of the most liquid
markets are not trading on their own.

Trade on your account will be managed by experienced traders
and your potential wherein gain is not limited.

Trusting means our traders, you are guaranteed to get back nested
amount, and the profit potential is much higher than bank interest.

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About us

Company Solid-Option.LTD. provides professional and cost-effective full-service agent services to our customers around the world. We focus on public companies listed on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as well as in the markets of Europe and Asia.
We offer a full range of solutions, including market development, corporate finance, EDGAR registration and related financial services for private and public companies.
In Solid-Option.LTD. we are engaged in providing professional and comprehensive transfer services in a user-friendly, transparent, inexpensive and efficient form, performing functions, including issuance, reissue and cancellation of share certificates.


Due to extensive experience and high experience in a wide range of security aspects, along with extensive knowledge in the field of computer technologies, Solid -Option.LTD. our employees are reliable professionals in a wide range of services related to investments, including transfer services.
In Solid-Option.LTD. we demonstrate our commitment to exceed the highest expectations of customers and shareholders, thanks to the continuous development of customer-oriented technologies and services.
We strive to provide only the highest standards of consistent and professional services to all our clients and, thanks to our extensive experience, have developed a wide network of strategic partnerships

If you need more information about our company, please contact Solid-Option.LTD. at info@Solid-Option.LTD.

START - 270%
60 days
4.50% per day
Minimum amount: $1.00
Maximum amount: $100.00
The term of the deposit: 60 days
Percentage of the day: 4.50%
Total revenue: 270%

120 days
8% per day
Minimum amount: $105.00
Maximum amount: $500.00
The term of the deposit: 120 days
Percentage of the day: 8%
Total revenue: 960%

EXPERT - 4050%
270 days
15% per day
Minimum amount: $505.00
Maximum amount: $10.000
The term of the deposit: 270 days
Percentage of the day: 15%
Total revenue: 4050%